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Diaperthon Finalists 2022

The Diaperthon is sponsored by NipNap and will be held on October 2nd at the Baby Banda Fair, Sarit Center.
The top 6 babies with the highest votes in each category have the opportunity to participate in this year’s competition. Please se the shortlisted babies per category below.

Jeremy Ombui Odegih

Name: Jeremy Ombui Odegih

Votes: 27567 out of 131756

Aretha muyala

Name: Aretha Muyala

Votes: 25875 out of 131756

Hope Imani Muriuki

Name: Hope Imani Muriuki

Votes: 15707 out of 131756

Cedella Nailantei

Name: Cedella Nailantei

Votes: 14526 out of 131756

Kenan Kishon kariuki

Name: Kenan Kishon Kariuki

Votes: 13017 out of 131756

Amanda Crystal Atieno

Name: Amanda Crystal Atieno

Votes: 12997 out of 131756


Hadassah alivitsa

Name: Hadassah Alivitsa

Votes: 11998 out of 131756

Joanna Athalia

Name: Hadassah Alivitsa

Votes: 5452 out of 131756

Asher Tuti Wanda

Name: Asher Tuti Wanda

Votes: 8500 out of 26309

Liam Neil Zeelie

Name: Liam Neil Zeelie

Votes: 7583 out of 26309

Cairo Muuo Mutuku

Name: Cairo Muuo Mutuku

Votes: 2509 out of 26309

Ella Wambui

Name: Ella Wambui

Votes: 2057 out of 26309

Tilia Zawadi Munga

Name: Tilia Zawadi Munga

Votes: 1931 out of 26309

Jasper Kitum Kipkorir

Name: Jasper Kitum Kipkorir

Votes: 1437 out of 26309


Talia Kazuki

Name: Talia Kazuki

Votes: 708 out of 26309


Name: Kiran Talam Kwambai

Votes: 393 out of 26309

Jasmine Njeri Kariuki

Name: Jasmine Njeri Kariuki

Votes: 28370 out of 94415

Terry Kwamboka

Name: Terry Kwamboka

Votes: 28092 out of 94415

Zanetta njeri

Name: Zanetta Njeri

Votes: 12166 out of 94415

Leila Mwihaki

Name: Leila Mwihaki

Votes: 10713 out of 94415


Name: Jason & Jesse Imani

Votes: 6323 out of 94415

Laura Wangui

Name: Laura Wangui

Votes: 3635 out of 94415


Nathaniel George

Name: Nathaniel George

Votes: 3111 out of 94414