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Pregnancy: Myths Vs. Truths

Day: Friday
30th September 2022
2.15pm – 3.30pm

So, you are thinking of starting a family. You are eagerly searching for any information that could help put you in the right position to conceive. You could have also just found out that you are pregnant and are quite excited about that news! This is your first baby and you have no clue what the weeks ahead hold for you and your partner. If you are in any of the situations above, planning for a pregnancy or in the pregnancy journey, then this is a segment you must attend.

Pregnancy – Myths and Truths is a segment that shall address issues on what you need to know before you get pregnant. We will also walk you through the nine month pregnancy journey, interacting on the issues below and more:

1. What to know before you get pregnant: contraception, birth-control pills and their effects on trying for a pregnancy and when to stop
2. Nutritional adjustments before and during pregnancy
3. Physical (body) changes during the nine months including red flags to note
4. Hormonal changes and the effects
5. Interactions with the Doctor and recommended care
6. Your social and personal well-being amongst others

Do mark the dates above and plan to come. Join the Vitabiotics Team as they handle the subject above. Tag a friend along for an opportunity to empower yourself with the right information as you plan to start a family!


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