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For Mums By Mums

Day: Friday
30th September 2022
12.30pm – 2.00pm

We will get together in this session with mums from different walks of life to have an open discussion about the realities of motherhood in Kenya today– the joys, the realities and uncertainties. We will talk about the journey to motherhood right through to toddlerhood to help us appreciate the beauty and the difficulties too.

We hope that by the end of this segment we will get fresh perspectives on our very own journeys and get to laugh and have some fun with other women. We will not only delve into interesting issues such as becoming a mum: age, adoption, partners, shopping must-haves, work (or lack of it) and more, but will carry the discussion through to your baby’s journey into toddlerhood and the transitions you inevitably must handle.

We know that mums always find a way to make things work; women are resilient though sometimes, it can get discouraging and tiring when it seems we carry the load by ourselves. This forum will be a great place to highlight how to cope and share about what type of help is available in the marketplace. We plan to connect, empower each other, and have a good time. For Mums by Mums will be a very interesting segment which will be facilitated by mums themselves.

So, get all your mum friends and come for an easy Saturday afternoon where it will be all things For Mums by Mums!


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